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A set of traning and learning applications
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Blueberry I really love this program! I'm in 8th grade and was using it in my digital technology class today! It's so much fun making the little turtle draw shapes! So glad I learned of this program!

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Guest I personally love this product! This product really gained my attention when started up with an error. Shortly after that I lost all my work when the program became unresponsive! At this exact moment I knew I found a keeper. This was the best $99 I ever spent. It even tops that used iPod I bought on eBay for $50. My only con is that the program didn't crash more often. The pros include: Frequent crashing, always greets you with an error, and understands everything you input. This program reminds me of my dog, stupid. IGN 11.3/10 would error again. Thanks you, developer! Love you :*

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Guest The leading cause of suicide is not depression... it's this so called "program".

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Guest This program is so bad. It doesn't know how to calculate a sum.

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Guest Does yours start with an error?

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Guest Love how the little turtle can make shapes and I love it!

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